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Artist & Technique

Evan Reinheimer is an award winning photographer from New York. He specializes in a technique called ‘Kite Aerial Photography’ in which Evan uses kites to lift his camera into the air to take aerial photographs around the world.  The video below shows his process: 


This video answers some frequently asked questions:


Why kites?

The viewpoints that can be reached with a kite are unique from any other aerial photography platform.  Kites can be flown much lower and closer to a subject than any kind of aircraft can safely fly.  Using this technique allows Evan to photograph from a vantage point that very few photographers can reach, enabling him to photograph the world from a never before seen perspective.


What kind of kites?

Evan uses a variety of kites depending on wind conditions. The kites he uses are all single line kites that are very stable in the air and provide good lift. This is necessary to fly the camera rig safely.

This video shows all of the kites used:


What about the camera?

Evan uses high quality mirrorless cameras on his kites.  The camera sits in a rig that is suspended from the kite line. The camera sends a live video feed to Evan on the ground and the rig has an electronic servo that allows him to aim the camera and compose the photograph.  The video below shows how his camera rig works:


Cornell Art Museum Spring Art on the Square 2020 - Best In Show
Westport Fine Arts Festival 2019 - Award of Excellence

Art Fest Naples 2017 - Merit Award

Westport Fine Arts Festival 2016 - Best In Show
Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival 2016 - Sponsor Award
Old Saybrook Art Festival 2016 - 1st Place
2014 PPA Merit - Tropical Pier - Rangiroa, French Polynesia
2014 PPA Merit - Tahitian Outrigger Canoe - Moorea, French Polynesia
2014 PPA Merit - Palm Tree Island - Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Mystic Outdoor Fine Art Festival 2014 - 2nd Place Photography
Old Saybrook Art Festival 2013 - 1st Place Photography
Mystic Outdoor Fine Art Festival 2013 - 2nd Place Photography
2013 PPA Merit - Whitehaven Beach, Australia
2013 PPA Merit - Monument Valley Road, Utah
Old Saybrook Art Festival 2012 - 1st Place Photography
Canon Spring Photography contest 2008 - Finalist
Best of Photography 2008
BACCA Photography Show 2008 - Viewers Choice, Supervisors Award
BACCA Photography Show 2007 - Third Place
Canon Spring Photography contest 2006 - Finalist
Best of Photography 2006
Long Island College Art Competition 2006 - Honorable Mention


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